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Dissona is a progressive metal band based out of Chicago. Since becoming active in 2006, they have become known for their diverse, imaginative sound, and powerfully expressive performances. They take a dramatic approach with their music, creating robust, yet intricate compositions with thought-provoking, often abstract lyrical content.


With Dissona, the integrity and purity of the art is always of utmost importance.

Dissona has released two full-length studio albums to date: a self-titled debut, Dissona, in 2012 and Paleopneumatic in 2016. Paleopneumatic was met with much acclaim and an invitation to join Norway's own Leprous on a full North American tour. Prior to that tour, Dissona has performed alongside such artists as Symphony X, OpethDark Tranquility, Fate's Warning, Cynic, Persefone and many others. A plethora of new music is in production with the first new release scheduled for a 2023 release. 

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